Did you know? PARACHUTES

  1. The first T10 type parachute arrived in the battalion in 1962
  2. The first SAVIAC MK 1 was the round shaped parachute known as a ‘pampoen’ (pumpkin) due to its shape.
  3. The Mark 2 Parachute was called a steerable
  4. The PT10 parachute was known as SAVIAC (South African Aviation Centre).
  5. The initial lifespan of parachutes used in training was 10 years. However, it was extended to 20 years in 1985.
  6. The entangled, turned up twisted lines of a parachute is referred as a a Roman Candle
  7. PISA (Parachute Industries of South Africa), a Johannesburg company manufactured 1 Para Bn parachutes.