Wall of Remembrance

Happy are those who dream dreams and are willing to pay the price to see them

Paratroopers prayer

Heavenly Father, King of the world
I know
That all things are in your hands
Whatever happen to me
As a paratrooper
I am prepared to suffer hardship
I am ready to endure danger and unrest
Pain and hurt
I am willing to be hungry and thirsty
I am prepared to face the enemy fearlessly
Lord I am weak
I cannot depend on my own abilities
Lord, my God
Let me trust in you alone
Give me courage and strength
And above all, faith
To do my work fearlessly

Cpl A.L. Broodryck1 Para Bn13 April 1976
Rfn P.J. Du Bois1 Para Bn12 Aug 1978
Rfn J.B. Greyling1 Para Bn12 Aug 1978
Rfn van der Nest1 Para Bn12 Aug 1978
LCpl E.L. Bell1 Para Bn06 Jun 1979
Sgt L.T.H. Wessels1 Para Bn15 Jan 1981

Rfn L. Truter

L/Cpl A. Petite

1 Para Bn

1 Para Bn

15 Jan 1981

02 Apr 1981

Rfn G.J. Harvey1 Para Bn01 Jun 1981
Capt L. van Wyk1 Para Bn02 May 1982
Cpl E.P. Lombaard1 Para Bn09 Aug 1982
LCpl S.R. Hoare1 Para Bn09 Aug 1982
Rfn R.H. Barrett1 Para Bn09 Aug 1982
Rfn A. De Klerk1 Para Bn09 Aug 1982
RfnA.Kruger1 Para Bn09 Aug 1982
Rfn G.W. Krulle1 Para Bn09 Aug 1982
Rfn M. le Roux1 Para Bn09 Aug 1982
Rfn S.P. Mallon1 Para Bn09 Aug 1982
Rfn J.T. Marshall1 Para Bn09 Aug 1982
Rfn C.A. Moody1 Para Bn09 Aug 1982
Rfn A. van Niekerk1 Para Bn09 Aug 1982
Rfn A. Wolmarans1 Para Bn09 Aug 1982
Cpl G.L. Steytler1 Para Bn24 Jun 1983
LCpl A.J. Tucker1 Para Bn01 Jul 1983
Rfn G.E. de Lange1 Para Bn22 Jun 1984
Rfn N.W. Smuts1 Para Bn05 Nov 1985
LCpl M.A. Benecke1 Para Bn06 Sep 1987
Cpl N.S. Olivier1 Para Bn31 Oct 1987
LCpl R.M. Light1 Para Bn31 Oct 1987
Rfn H.N. De Rose1 Para Bn31 Oct 1987
Rfn W.E. Ewels1 Para Bn31 Oct 1987
Rfn J.M. Schuurman1 Para Bn02 Nov 1987
Rfn D.W. van Rooyen1 Para Bn31 Nov 1987
CaptJ.Nel (Dr)7 Med BnGp22 Sep 1998
Cpl J.A. Sax7 Med BnGp22 Sep 1998
LCpl Z.S. Mafuta1 Para Bn22 Sep 1998
LCpl O.A. Mothupi1 Para Bn22 Sep 1998
LCpl S. Mtengwane1 Para Bn22 Sep 1998
Rfn L.N. Magwazana1 Para Bn22 Sep 1998
Rfn A.T. Mangoegape1 Para Bn22 Sep 1998
Rfn P.T. Tshweu1 Para Bn22 Sep 1998
Cpl M.D. Seakamela1 Para Bn23 Mrch 2013
Cpl N.A. Mogorosi1 Para Bn23 Mrch 2013
LCplL.M. Thsheke1 Para Bn23 Mrch 2013
LCpl S.D. Molora1 Para Bn23 Mrch 2013
Rfn L.M.H. Lebatlang1 Para Bn23 Mrch 2013
Rfn Z.J. Mxhosana1 Para Bn23 Mrch 2013
Rfn X. Dlamini1 Para Bn23 Mrch 2013
Rfn V.J. Ngaleka1 Para Bn23 Mrch 2013
Rfn K.F. Matsheka1 Para Bn23 Mrch 2013
Rfn P. Msenga1 Para Bn23 Mrch 2013
Rfn M.S. Thulo1 Para Bn23 Mrch 2013
Rfn M.W. Bojane1 Para Bn23 Mrch 2013
Rfn T.A. Phirimana1 Para Bn23 Mrch 2013
Sgt M.O.Mahasa1 Para Bn29 Apr 2013
Rfn K.L. Moloke1 Para Bn25 May 2013
Sgt D.J. Human2 Para Bn26 Nov 1975
Rfn A.T. Bate2 Para Bn26 Nov 1975
LCpl W.C. Swanepoel2 Para Bn25 Mrch 1976
Rfn A.J. Blaauw2 Para Bn17 Jul 1976
Rfn E.J. Blackhouse3 Para Bn04 May 1978
Rfn J.C. de WaalPara Bn04 May 1978
Rfn A.P. Human3 Para Bn04 May 1978
Rfn M. Kaplan2 Para Bn04 May 1978
Cpl T. Davis2 Para Bn15 Dec 1978
Rfn L. Grobler2 Para Bn20 Feb 1980
LCpl M.S. Hadlow4 Pathf Coy06 Jul 1981
Rfn J.C. Cromhout2 Para Bn29 Feb 1981
Sgt R.T. Beech44 Pathf Coy18 Aug 1982
Sgt J.A. Wessels4 Pathf Coy18 Aug 1982
Cpl B.H. Fidler7 Med BnGp15 Sep 1985
Rfn P. Breytenbach2 Para Bn24 Dec 1987
Cpl T.M. Stewart4 Pathf Coy20 Mrch 1988
LCpl M. Coetzee4 Signal Unit04 Mrch 1988
LCpl J.D. van der Merwe3 Para Bn20 Jul 1988
Ssgt K.E. Potgieter1 Para Bn16 May 1973
Rfn C.K. Moorcroft1 Para Bn28 Jan 1976
Maj L.G. Grundling1 Para Bn07 Sep 1978
Rfn M.P Ngementu CDF1 Para Bn1984
Lt w. van der Merwe1 Para Bn1985
Cpl L.MatimiseTranskei1985
Cpl G.M. Steward44 Para Bde1987
Sgt N.A. Citha CDF1 Para Bn1991
Cpl Z. MatiwaneCiskei Para Bn1991
LCpl M.C. LayitaCiskei Para Bn1991
Rfn D.M. MbopaneCiskei Para Bn1991
Rfn M.W. Mloneyni CDFCiskei Para Bn1991
Rfn N. Mqalo CDFCiskei Para Bn1991
Rfn T. Xaliphi CDFCiskei Para Bn1991
Ssgt R. Niehaus1 Para Bn1993
WO2 R.H. Hurn44 Pathf Pl1994
Cpl M.P. Ratutubala1 Para Bn1996
LCpl M. Bongosa1 Para Bn1996
Rfn S.S. Mpotle1 Para Bn1996
LCpl L.S. Matrose1 Para Bn1997
Gnr G.T. Aaron1 Para Bn1997
Rfn J. Bothman1 Para Bn1999
Rfn L.J. MoisesSF Bde2003
Rfn T.G. Kalipa1 Para Bn14 Oct 2004
RfnM.d.Seekoei1 Para Bn01 Jan 1997
Lt T.K. Biohang1 Para Bn01 Jan 1996
Cpl M.R. Mapeyi1 Para Bn01 Jan 1996
Cpl S.S. Maqina1 Para Bn01 Jan 1997
Rfn R.J. Mohui1 Para Bn01 Jan 1997
Rfn J.M. Msuthwana1 Para Bn01 Jan 1997
Rfn A.W. Zumane1 Para Bn01 Jan 1997
Pte T.E. Mokoena1 Para Bn05 Nov 2009
Pte J.T. Mpshe1 Para Bn05 Nov 2009
Cpl M’J. Mooki44 Med Task Gp14 Feb 2012
Pte J.T. Mahlope10 SAI Bn31 Aug 2012
1st WO. P.E Tan (Inter. Fellow Soldier of Singapore20 May 2009
01Capt (Dr)J. Nel97724264PR
02CplJ.A. Sax95105544PR
03LCplZ.S. Mafuta94783719PE
05LCplS. Mtenwane94799368PE
06RfnL.N. Magwazane94783993PE
07RfnA.T. Mangoegape96204722PV
08RfnP.T. Tshweu94752912PR


Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel Patron Saint of Paratroopers
Saint Michael the Archangel,
Patron Saint of Paratroopers,
defend us in battle, be our
defense against the wickedness
and snares of the devil; may GOD
rebuke him, we humbly pray, and
do thou O Prince of the heavenly
hosts; by the devine power;
thrust into hell satan and all
the evil spirits who prowl about
the world seeking the ruin of souls.