Follow up to The news Collumn  44 Para Reg

Follow Up To The News Collumn 44 Para Reg
25 Aug 2015

In 1983 the Battalion was split to create an independant Parachute training Centre and thereby allow the Battalion as such to become a purely operational unit. By 1967, however,this experiment had been discarded and both training and operational elements werte back under one roof with 1Para, The next development came when the units CF element outgrew the reasonable administrative capacity of the Battalion.One particular problem arose from the fact that its CF members were scaterred through the country and thus difficult to get together apart from anual camps. Esprit and fresh training in all aspects of their task being vital to the Paras, this situation could not continue 

Accordingly, a CF Para Bn was formed at Tempe and five rifle companies based in different South African cities.

This Batttalion received its baptism fire during Ops Savannah and performed creditably indeeed. With the military situation becoming less favourable, the size of the available airborne force was increased again, and a second unit 3 Bn was therefore formed. Finally, the three battalions were grouped with supporting elements including heavy mortars to form 44 Parachute Brigade, with HQ at Bloemfontein, in 1978. Ironically, this took place as much the same time the British Army lost its 44 Para Brigade Volunteers of the Teretorial Army to budget cuts. The new 44 Brigade saw its first action at cassinga during Ops Rheindeer, with elements of all three batallions jumping.

Since then the Bats have figured in their primary role in the cource of several external operations, including Sceptic,Smokeshell, wich saw six companies of 1 Para deployed in Southern Angola similtaneously. Protea and Daisy.

Elements of all three batallions are also employed on internal operations, usually providing the airmobile reaction forces in differant parts of the operational area. In this role, as in much of their external activity, they are generally flown to the scene of a contact or fresh spoor by helicopter. Once there, they relieve the troops in contact, who have often been out there for long periods and are no longer fresh.

Newly arrived, with the added advantage of fresh trackers, the reaction force elements leave the insurgents little chance of escape. another aspect related to their success is the fact that their average age ranges in the mid twenties, granting an edge in maturity over the very young National-Service troops without sacrificing fitness experise

Acknowledgement Helmet Romer Heitman SA War Machine


Mongua --- !980 Hel

Mongua --- !980 Hel

Die jaar was 1980.  Angola. Operasie Smokeshel. G Komp 1980. B Komp en C komp. Na dae se heen en weer gery het ons Veggroep onder leiding van kol Serfontein op Evale gerus. Die opdrag het deurgekom dat die veggroep sal die volgende dag as ek reg kan onthou die sondag iewers aan die einde van Junie 1980 terugtrek na Owamboland en dan Ondangwa. Die Operasie SMOKESHEL is verby -- Ontrek



How`s this story by -- COLIN GREEN In 1986, a Dakota DC3 while on a flight to Ondangwa at about 8000 ft was hit with a SAM - 7 missile. The explosion ripped of most of the his tail. to add additional pressure, the Dakota was full of military V.I.P. passengers including the Chief Of Army He slowed the Dakota down to 100 knots in order to keep it under control and called for help.  There wa

Nikodemis en die bosoorlog

Nikodemis en die bosoorlog

Nikodemis en die bosoorlog Ek het in 1987 skool klaar gemaak, en is toe vir twee jaar weermag toe. 1988 was so aan die stert-kant van die bos oorlog in Namibie, toe nog SWA, Suid-Wes Afrika. Eintlik het ek nie geweet wat ek wou gaan swot het nie, en omdat ek kwaad was vir die lewe, army toe gegaan, toe die oproep instruksies by ons huis opdaag . Ek het in ‘n huis groot geword, waar my pa l

Cassinga Raid -- SWAPO Response

Cassinga Raid  -- SWAPO Response

This document is a true copy of the original Classified response by SWAPO after the Cassinga Raid -- TYPED OVER FROM THE BLUE PRINT COPY   Swapo Report on Cassinga Raid STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL FOR CENTRAL COMMITTEE MEMBERS ONLY REPORT ON THE KASSINGA MASSACRE COMRADE P. NANYEMBA Place ;  Luanda Date   : 19 th May 1978 Kassinga The attack started at 07 : 15 hours on the 04th



My naam is Derrick Van Zyl Ek het my diensplig gedoen in 1 Valskermbataljon 1981 / 82 ... G Kompanie Valk 2. Junie 1981 net na ons vleulparade en soos wat dit bekend gestaan het as `Glamour Day` het ons opleiding in alle erns begin met Konvensionele oorlogsvoering.   Ek onthou die betrokke dag nog baie goed by Tempe lughawe  Dit was in daardie dae van my diensplig en opleiding wat on



JEFFREY GERALD HOLM - SOVERRE BEKEND AS DIE EERSTE SOLDAAT WAT OP DIE GRENS DOOD IS Bravo kompanie, grensdiens 1973, Caprivi. GRENSDIENS 1973. Op ’n goeie dag word ons meegedeel dat ons bosoorlogvoeringsopleiding, of teen-insurgensie opleiding, in die Madimbo streek gaan doen. Dit is op die noordelike grens van die Suid-Afrika met Rhodesie, in die omgewing van Mesina. Ons pak toe di



  DANGLING BY HIS FEET   My Story l/Kpl SW Botha 74489261 1 Parachute Battalion Course 7806 Phase III 24 May 1978 On Wednesday 24 May 1978 we were preparing for Wing Parade, “Glamor Day”, at 1 Parachute Battalion. Most of our parents and guests arrived early that morning at the Battalion. All parents and guests were entertained at the battalion. Al visitors had th