Warren Gibson – military fine artist

I would like to use this opportunity to send you a special message to offer you an opportunity to have a special sketch done of yourself or your Unit you served in. I am a Military fine artist and have been drawing for 30 years. My experiences as a Former Paratrooper Officer has given me helpful insight into the sketches that I produce. 

I specialize in doing Collage sketches of Special Forces, Airborne, SAP STF or wildlife through the years. As you can see with my art on my facebook site Warren Gibson Art and on Instagram warrengibson71@gmail.com. I can do anything that is requested. From family portraits to aviation or automobiles. I hope that you will be interested in having a Commission done for yourself. 

I am looking forward to hearing from you and working with you to add a special sketch to your Study or Bar. For further details feel free to contact me on facebook or on my email above. 

Thank you 

Warren Gibson